Ārya Maitreya Praṇītā
Ārya Asaṅga Vaktā

Mahāyāna Sūtra Alaṅkāra

Pratipatti Adhikāra English

|| Oṃ, namaḥ, sarva buddha bodhisattvebhyaḥ ||

Kārikā Prathamaḥ

Pratipatti Lakṣaṇe ślokaḥ

The great ground of being commence·fruition·rising·up characteristic, ¦

for a jina's ātman essence knowing, tis practice sought after. |

That time, is extraordinary generosity and strong endurance. ¦

The great way preparing, to be done, is a kārikā. || 5.1 ||

Kārikā Dvitīyaḥ

Svaparārtha Nirviśeṣatve Ślokaḥ

In the hereafter, thereof having obtained, an atman self similar like to cittatā's 'awareness and emptiness' combined, ¦

tis by one's nature also; else, tis for the most splendid passage unto iṣṭatā's state of reverence, in the highest. |

That manner, tis from the ātman, otherwise, the way of the remaining characterictic in full knowledge. ¦

One's beloved pursuit, which, which of them!, is the highest purpose? || 5.2 ||

Kārikā Tṛtīyaḥ

Parārtha Viśeṣaṇe Ślokaḥ

The hereafter world, not that manner, doth the extremely unsympathetic ¦

churn onward— with a burning destiny, in such an adversarial one. |

Which manner, for highest method, in intense suffering enflaming, ¦

the compassion, by nature, in the ātman self, fully abides. || 5.3 ||

Kārikā Caturthaḥ

Parārtha Pratipatti Vibhāge, Dvau Ślokau

The lowest middle and most·highest virtue, in abiding, ¦

a proper guidence in earnestness, the avatāraṇā, |

training, in the way, in maturing grace, ¦

that manner, are the poor·instruction stopping intellects to liberation. || 5.4 ||

Kārikā Pañcamaḥ

By these attributes, these remaining characteristics, tis the upward going attainment; that manner, ¦

is the linage rising up, expounding to the anointed ones. |

For the tathāgata knowledge, for a non·higher foundation, ¦

the highest means, tis this, the tripart ten forming the nature thereof || 5.5 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṣtaḥ

Parārtha Pratipatti Saṃpattau Ślokaḥ

The born one, befitting auspicious insight, ¦

the unbowed ones, and also, the desireless ones, the knowing ones, |

the calm abiding, also the patient ones, and the well far off going enduring ones, ¦

of these victor nature born ones, tis the practice most highest. || 5.6 ||

Kārikā Saptamaḥ

Pratipatti Viśeṣaṇe Dvau Ślokau

In great distress, doth the libidinous born, churn onward. ¦

In trembling indecisive motion, in errorful delusion of delight, tis cyclic rebirth beloved. |

One by one, in foremost calm abiding, tis the equanimity beloved. ¦

That time, verily, in all gaining of knowledge, is compassion the nature thereof. || 5.7 ||

Kārikā Aṣtamaḥ

The living being, bewildered, tis a self complacent path, raised up. ¦

Then, thus so, having not obtained, in the highest, just so, (tis) for sorrowfulness. |

Then, in sooth, insightful wisdom, tis truly, the highest way, exalted. ¦

Two sorts of way, having focused upon, is the highest, thus, to tranquility. || 5.8 ||

Kārikā Navamaḥ

Gocara Pariṇāmane Ślokaḥ

Which manner, which manner indeed, in sensual perception's most replendent field of actions, ¦

continues onward, the meandering going, the victor natured born. |

That manner, that manner, is the enjoined assemblage of similar qualities, with these foundations. ¦

For an advantage, unto these sentient beings, tis to fully form that. || 5.9 ||

Kārikā Daśamaḥ

Sattveṣv Akṣānti Pratiṣedhe Ślokaḥ

Then, a dissonant state of self, in making a defiling perception, ¦

unto the person, not to the gathered faults, goes near, the possessor of wisdom. |

By the dispassion austerity, verily, these ever more calm abiding ones, ¦

embodied, they exist; just so, the compassion, from increase. || 5.10 ||

Kārikā Ekādaśaḥ

Pratipatti Māhātmye Ślokaḥ

The cyclic rebirth migrating ātman, with parts!, surpassing vehicle, ¦

tis highest equanimity following, calm abiding, in this way. |

By divers attributes gathering, are ever increasing arrogant opinions; ¦

the living being, having near to concealed, then, compassion, by the fetter of thoughts. || 5.11 ||