Ārya Maitreya Praṇītā
Ārya Asaṅga Vaktā

Mahāyāna Sūtra Alaṅkāra

Bodhi Adhikāra English

|| Oṃ, namaḥ, sarva buddha bodhisattvebhyaḥ ||

Kārikā Prathamaḥ

Shallt be by these immeasurables, by these ill deeds by the hundreds; ¦

shallt be by these immeasurables, by these pious disassemblages; |

shallt be by the unfathomable, with time; ¦

tis from the immeasurable obscuration of dissipation. || 9.1 ||

Kārikā Dvitīyaḥ

A complete manifestation of knowledge obtaining, ¦

a complete non·obstruction without stain, |

an unconcealing openness, a treasure box, like that, ¦

tis the awakened consciousness, for fully taken up teaching. || 9.2 ||

Kārikā Tṛtīyaḥ

Having made, an austerity most extraordinary, with these exertions by the hundreds, ‸ having fully thought out every virtue, ¦

with time, the very highest kalpa going, one is unblemished, ‸ of every hindrance, from dissipation. |

Of intangible fundamental essence, of non·obstruction, in these bodhisattva bhūmi's, of a manner of going, ‸ from driving away, tis the awakened consciousness. ¦

Of these treasures, like that, one is a force unmoving, ‸ the box burst forth, gone beyond. || 9.3 ||

Kārikā Caturthaḥ

All these elements, also the awakend awareness, ¦

tis the sacred way; not just so, also something, |

for a pure shining action's virtuous harmony, tis this; that, and ¦

not also by those, that is perceived. || 9.4 ||

Kārikā Pañcamaḥ

From the dharma jewel's causality, ¦

tis grasping, unto a treasure making most excellent. |

Desire, from the complete instrumentality, ¦

tis grasping, unto a cloud uppermost, the thought. || 9.5 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṣtaḥ

For awakened awareness, tis the entire dharma virtue, ‸ addressed, moreover, also, ‸ for every dharma element transcended. ¦

From vigorous increasing empowerment, from the dharma jewel, ‸ continuously, of being greatly vast, ‸ is the dharma jewel making radiance. |

Of these living beings, the pure resplendent action of that, ‸ tis urging very great, ‸ from motive, for the storm clouded person. ¦

From giving, tis of the dharma cloud raining, ‸ continuously, of being well endowed, ‸ of the imperishable essence, in these people. || 9.6 ||

Kārikā Saptamaḥ

Refuge, verily awakend awareness, ¦

tis from every affliction category, always, |

from all these ill going behaviors, and ¦

from living and dying, moreover, also. || 9.7 ||

Kārikā Aṣtamaḥ

From these calamities, from every one, ¦

from misfortune, from unskilled means, |

from the true form, from the independent method, also ¦

from that, is refuge the most highest. || 9.8 ||

Kārikā Navamaḥ

Refuge, incomparable is that, ‸ for an auspicious awakend awareness most agreeable. ¦

In these births and deaths all ‸ painful afflictions and misfortunes, tis protecting. |

Of these divers apprehensions manner of going, ‸ tis completely protecting, from falling away. ¦

Continuously, tis of these forms of suffering ‸ the falling away expedient means going. || 9.9 ||

Kārikā Daśamaḥ

By these Buddhists, with dharmas, ‸ who also, are for the well accomplished person. ¦

One who, in true righteousness, ‸ understands also, for these sentient beings, to thoroughly lead forth. |

For going to the other shore, ‸ which, is with compassion, upon all living beings. ¦

That awakend awareness, ‸ for the auspicious, here, tis wished, of these refuged ones. || 9.10 ||

Kārikā Ekādaśaḥ

From this tangible world, of all sentient beings, ¦

for awakened awareness, for refuge, tis an important thing; |

in every misfortune and good fortune ¦

finality and beginning, is thought. || 9.11 ||

Kārikā Dvādaśaḥ

Of these afflictions shall be known the way of a person's action, ‸ constantly, for following along, ‸ the seed, to be dragged out in time; ¦

wherein, 'twas hindering the progress, ‸ that exists, with these well respectable ones, ‸ by completely detrimental ways. |

For awakend awareness, the pure resplendent action of dharma ‸ most excellent attribute adherence, ‸ of the ground of being, another manner, is perfected, ¦

that obtaining, from non·cognizing still mind, ‸ from sense object most abundant, from the knowledge path, from being well purified. || 9.12 ||

Kārikā Trayodaśaḥ

Standing firm, also in that, he, the Tathāgata, is a living being; ¦

the great unwavering leader existing, just so, looks up towards. |

For equanimity most beautiful, compassion goes focused, to the people; ¦

in impurity being agreeable, tis otherwise, in a person; insooth, she is, praytell. || 9.13 ||

Kārikā Caturdaśaḥ

Inclination, engagement, restraint, the fundamental basis, ¦

cessation, repetition, moreover, dualness, non·dualness, |

equality of distinctions, likewise, omnipresence; having a nature like, ¦

of the tathāgata ̇s, the transformation of the basis tis sought after. || 9.14 ||

Kārikā Pañcadaśaḥ

Which manner, the circumference completely going, tis always intention; ¦

that manner, certainly, that, the entire motion, tis always intention. |

Which manner, the circumference, in shape categories, tis all pervading; ¦

that manner, just so, that, in reality categories, tis all pervading. || 9.15 ||

Kārikā Ṣoḍaśaḥ

Which manner, in a water container breaking, ¦

the moon's image, tis not observed. |

That manner, in these rogues, in these creatures, ¦

the Buddha's image, tis not observed. || 9.16 ||

Kārikā Saptadaśaḥ

Which manner, the fire blazes; otherwise, ¦

once more, in an otherway, tis quiescent. |

Amongst these Buddhas, likewise, that manner, shall be known, ¦

the fully visible, the non visible. || 9.17 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭādaśaḥ

From being unproduced, for musical instruments, ¦

which manner, perhaps is the voice's more complete existence. |

That manner, in the heroic one, without an object of pleasure, ¦

these elucidations of expedient means, are to fully sprung up existence. || 9.18 ||

Kārikā Navadaśaḥ

Which manner, a jewel, tis without endeavor, ¦

for self empowerment showing. |

In these buddhas, also, tis without the object of pleasure; ¦

that manner, shall be done, the showing. || 9.18 ||

Kārikā Viṃśaḥ

Which manner, in the formless ākāśa element, unobstructed, ¦

they are observed, from the world, these actions. |

That manner, just so, in the unflowing element, ¦

unobstructed, are these heroic actions. || 9.20 ||

Kārikā Ekaviṃśaḥ

Which manner, in the luminous ākāśa element, of these actions, assuredly, ¦

the decrease, tis arising, always. |

That manner, just so, in the unflowing element, ¦

is the buddha's effect arising and passing away. || 9.21 ||

Kārikā Dvāviṃśaḥ

The relation of an anterior and ulterior event's remaing distinguishing characteristic, also, ¦

completly non·obstructing without stain, |

neither pure, nor, indeed also, impure, ¦

tis suchness, awakened consciousness, intelligence. || 9.22 ||

Kārikā Trayoviṃśaḥ

In voidness, in being completely pure, ¦

for those without self existence, from the pathway obtaining, |

those Buddhas, from faultless essence attainment, ¦

are departed, unto a nature of great essentialness. || 9.23 ||

Kārikā Caturviṃśaḥ

Neither existence, nor, indeed also, non·existence, ¦

the awakend awareness, by that, tis explained. |

From that, is buddha, that way, in the question; ¦

“is non·determination leading opinion?” || 9.24 ||

Kārikā Pañcaviṃśaḥ

The combustion's abatement, which manner, tis in iron, ¦

in looking, of the cataract of the eye, also; |

in realized knowledge, that manner, in the buddhist, ¦

existence and non·existence, are not destroyed. || 9.25 ||

Kārikā Ṣaḍviṃśaḥ

Of these Buddha ̇s, untarnished in the Constiituent Element, ¦

tis not the Oneness, the Multiplicity not also. |

From the formless Ākāśa Element's speaking manifestation they are, ¦

being before, from a body following along. || 9.26 ||

Kārikā Saptaviṃśaḥ

In these strengths of the primordial Adi Buddha Dharma, ¦

understanding, is the Jewel making on highest. |

In these Living Beings most able of virtue, ¦

a great Cloud uppermost, is the Intelligence. || 9.27 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭāviṃśaḥ

From auspicious Knowledge of well done accomplishment, ¦

accomplished shining on highest, tis the Consciousness. |

From knowing the Splendour of active engagement, also, ¦

great Āditya on highest, tis the Consciousness. || 9.28 ||

Kārikā Navaviṃśaḥ

They shall be immeasurable, these Beams of Light, as surely as, ¦

mingled, in Bhānu Āditya ̇s sphere. |

Always, one action, ‸ they abide, ¦

for the World; they are making shining Speech, also. || 9.29 ||

Kārikā Triṃśaḥ

That manner, just so, unsoiled in the Fundament, ¦

of these Buddha ̇s, tis the immeasurable Infinitude. |

Mixed together to unity shall be done, ‸ in these deeds; ¦

tis Knowledge manifest making, the Consciousness. || 9.30 ||

Kārikā Ekatriṃśaḥ

Which manner, from one rein (being) worthless, ¦

tis every beam of light with a final end. |

From Bhānu's beam, that manner, just so, of these Awakened Ones, ¦

shall be realized, Knowledge with a final end. || 9.31 ||

Kārikā Dvātriṃśaḥ

Which manner, like that, of Āditya's sun beams, ¦

in the turns of life, tis not for causing attachment. |

That manner, just so, of these awakend ‸ sorts of knowledge, ¦

in the way of action, tis not for causing a prideful attachment. || 9.32 ||

Kārikā Trayastriṃśaḥ

Which manner, with Sūrya's one and the same released beams of light, ¦

with these rays, tis made brilliant the World. |

Forthwith, shall be known, that manner, tis all and one, ¦

with these awakened sorts of knowledge, illuminated. || 9.33 ||

Kārikā Catustriṃśaḥ

Which manner, just so, of these Āditya beams of light; ¦

of cloud like highest obscurations, tis the thought. |

That manner, like that, of these awakend sorts of knowledge, ¦

going round in rebirth, tis the born one's defilement. || 9.34 ||

Kārikā Pañcatriṃśaḥ

Which manner, from dust and grease, on clothing, ¦

the colour appearance, is unvaried. |

That manner, from an unshakeable motivation, onto liberation, ¦

the knowledge illusion, tis unvaried. || 9.35 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṭtriṃśaḥ

For profound depth, in the unstained constituent element, ¦

in the characteristic of abiding actions, |

of these awakend ones, tis this, twas said, ¦

“with these appearances, else, the luminous realm being bright”. || 9.36 ||

Kārikā Saptatriṃśaḥ

Of all this, undistinguished, thereto, ¦

the suchness, to purity, twas brought, |

to the quintessence of buddha nature; from that, also, ¦

therefore, are these seeds, all these embodied beings. || 9.37 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭātriṃśaḥ

Of these Śrāvakas, by awakend nature, ¦

of the worldly man, tis being surpassed. |

By the Pratyeka·Buddha plateau, ¦

of the Śrāvaka, tis being overcome. || 9.38 ||

Kārikā Navatriṃṣaḥ

Of the Bodhisattva's awakened nature, ¦

that, to the sub·component, not goes after. |

Of the Tathāgata's awakened nature, ¦

that, to the sub·component, not goes after. || 9.39 ||

Kārikā Catvāriṃśaḥ

For the immeasurable, for the unthinkable also, ¦

the awakened nature, for a Buddhist, tis sought after. |

Of which, in which, which manner, as greatly as, ¦

tis in time, wherein, (it) churns onward. || 9.40 ||

Kārikā Ekacatvāriṃśaḥ

In the five faculties of sense turning back, ¦

the awakened nature tis grasped; later, |

in the complete way of a mode of life, ‸ of all this, ¦

(are) in the attributes twelve·hundred arising. || 9.41 ||

Kārikā Dvācatvāriṃśaḥ

From the mind, moreover, in turning around, ¦

the awakened nature, tis grasped; later, |

tis in the awakened nature following, in the knowledge, ¦

in the non·cognizing still mind, in being completely pure. || 9.42 ||

Kārikā Trayaścatvāriṃśaḥ

In the means to take up turning around, ¦

the awakened nature tis grasped; later, |

tis in the field of action purification; which manner, is passion, ¦

for sensuality fully seeing, indeed. || 9.43 ||

Kārikā Catuścatvāriṃśa

Of conceptual cognition, in turning around, ¦

the awakened nature tis grasped; later, |

in being without obstacles, constantly, for a certain time, ¦

all of this, tis of these knowing actions. || 9.44 ||

Kārikā Pañcacatvāriṃśaḥ

Of steadfast tranquility, in turning around, ¦

the awakened nature tis grasped; later, |

the unsteadfastness of motionless consciousness, ¦

of these awakened ones, tis on unwavering footing. || 9.45 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṭcatvāriṃśaḥ

Of sacred ritual copulation, in turning around, ¦

the awakened nature tis grasped; later, |

in the buddha tranquility vihāra, then, ¦

the consort, is in a non·defilement appearance. || 9.46 ||

Kārikā Saptacatvāriṃśaḥ

The luminous ākāśa realm fully knowing, — in turning away, ¦

the awakened nature tis grasped; later, |

tis in the mental reflection art's complete perfection, also, ¦

in the motion of form's clear perception. || 9.47 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭācatvāriṃśaḥ

Just so, shall be in the immeasurable turning around, ¦

shall be an immeasurable supremacy, consciousness, |

from thoughtless action undertaking, ¦

of these awakened ones, in a stainless fundamental nature. || 9.48 ||

Kārikā Navacatvāriṃśaḥ

In virtue, a mendicant, the world ‸ marches, well going in complete grace, for highest aim. ¦

In virtue, and having renounced, ‸ doth proceed, in righteous advancement, to highest end. |

Proceeds, thus, the world, ‸ in all directions, of these victors, by these well taught ones. ¦

The unripened, the matured, indeed, ‸ are not also again, to (an) unceasing way of life, here in this world. || 9.49 ||

Kārikā Pañcāśaḥ

That manner, having made for spiritual practice, ‸ from highest essence enjoined, was existing. ¦

For great awakened intellect, constantly, ‸ tis for a mode of life, of these forlorn ones, and for refuge. |

They grasp, wherefore, the insight and means, ‸ everywhere, always, tis for all coming together. ¦

Thus so, wonderfully in the world, ‸ tis from the excellent way's observance, not extraordinary, therefore. || 9.50 ||

Kārikā Ekapañcāśaḥ

At any time, for these sacred duties, the wheel, ‸ with these many faces by the hundreds, tis made visible; he whom, ¦

at any time, tis for life's inner space, ‸ in any circumstance, thereto to be resplendent, for the living being's spiritual practice. |

At any time, for the entire awakened intellect, ‸ in any circumstance, thereto, also tis to nirvāṇa, quite often. ¦

Not also from a firm stand, from that, ‸ enlivens one everything; also one acts. || 9.51 ||

Kārikā Dvāpañcāśaḥ

Naught, of these awakened ones, thus, ‸ exists of me matured; this one tis, just so, also ¦

immature, this embodied spirit; ‸ thereto, also, at this time tis ripened, thus so. |

Without mental construct, in sooth, ‸ to bring to maturity, goeth near, just so, the born ones. ¦

By these auspicious dharma ̇s, constantly, ‸ in all directions, the full circle round, tis for a three fold direction. || 9.52 ||

Kārikā Trayaḥpañcāśaḥ

Which manner, to aspire after, Bhānu, ‸ continuously, with these water giving clouds, with beams of Aṃśa's light flowing abundantly outward, ¦

for the ripening of fruits, ‸ in all directions, from the circle round, doth he resolve to act. |

That manner, the dharma's beams, also, ‸ with these calm abiding solemn act ̇s of piety quickly flowing abundantly outward, ¦

for the ripening, of virtues, ‸ in all directions, from the circle round, doth set the heart to act. || 9.53 ||

Kārikā Catuḥpañcāśaḥ

Which manner, from one lantern, ‸ becomes numerous lanterns, in a vast multitude. ¦

Shall be immeasurable, shall be incalculable, ‸ not also, it again goes to cessation, from this. |

That manner, from one buddha, ‸ becomes, numerous, the ripening multitude. ¦

Shall be immeasurable, shall be incalculable, ‸ not also, he again goes, to cessation, from this. || 9.54 ||

Kārikā Pañcapañcāśaḥ

Which manner, with these flowing waters, to fullness, ‸ goeth not the great ocean, like that; ¦

not to increase, indeed, doth go, ‸ continuously with clouds of water entering into. |

That manner, the buddhist fundament, ‸ tis always, with those joined by purification entering; ¦

not to fullness, to increase also, ‸ doth go the supreme, most astonishingly, here, for that. || 9.55 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṭpañcāśaḥ

Every dharma's dualness, tis an obstruction ¦

of suchness, a purification indicating. |

Matter's knowledge, thus so, tis a dependence ¦

on will, the imperishable indicating. || 9.56 ||

Kārikā Saptapañcāśaḥ

All, it is Suchness, the knowledge ¦

contemplation, the rising attainment. |

All, tis the existing duality causing. ¦

In every manner, the Imperishable, tis for fruition. || 9.57 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭāpañcāśaḥ

The body speech and mind without measure ¦

joining together in expedient means of action, |

the absorption in invocation, the door ¦

of duality, shall be immeasurable, with going together. || 9.58 ||

Kārikā Navapañcāśaḥ

With these: the self·nature the way·of·piety the conditions·of·fruition — ¦

without measure, was separated a smaller mode of conduct. |

The sacred way's foundation, tis increasing purity, this. ¦

Of these awakened ones, tis the teaching. || 9.59 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṣitamaḥ

Arising from the Svābhāvika, then the Sāmbhogya, ¦

the body Nairmāṇika, tis unexcelled. |

These body separations, assuredly, of the awakened ones, ¦

tis the first manner, in sooth, the dualness ̇s foundation. || 9.60 ||

Kārikā Ekaṣaṣtaḥ

In all these constituent elements, the 'sāmbhogya', the dharma teaching body, ¦

tis dividing, by these categories fully comprehending: |

with these fields of action, also with these names, with these bodies, ¦

by these fundamental element's conditions of fruition by exertion. || 9.61 ||

Kārikā Dvāṣaṣtaḥ

Comparable is the intangible essence, also, that was remaining: ¦

the body, the absolute essence, the thought, |

the condition of fruition's power, the causal matrix. ¦

Whereof, desire, tis in the object of pleasure's appearance. || 9.62 ||

Kārikā Trayaḥṣaṣtaḥ

Shall be immeasurable, tis the Buddha vast without measure. ¦

The body, an unmeasurable apparitional form, the thought, |

of both, tis the dual method's fulfillment, ¦

every appearance, abiding within. || 9.63 ||

Kārikā Catuḥṣaṣtaḥ

With these fine arts of the living existence great awakening, ¦

always, with nirvāṇa revelations, |

the buddha's immeasurable body, tis this, ¦

greatly illusionary, in emancipation. || 9.64 ||

Kārikā Pañcaṣaṣṭaḥ

With these three, with these bodies, indeed, shall increase knowing, ¦

of these buddhas, the body fully grasping. |

With a foundation, mutually to self and other beneficial, is he whom, ¦

with these three, with these bodies, t'was revealing. || 9.65 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṭṣaṣṭaḥ

By fundamental nature, by the realm of thoughts and feelings, thereto, ¦

by action, those, are the balanced perceptions. |

By first principle, by unfailing, therefore, ¦

by continuance, tis in these, the perpetuity. || 9.66 ||

Kārikā Saptaṣaṣṭaḥ

The insightful observing knowledge, tis unwavering. ¦

Three fold knowledge, thus so, tis depending upon. |

Equanimity, in continuous discernment, ¦

the benificial action performing, tis just so, also. || 9.67 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭāṣaṣṭaḥ

The inward observing insight knowledge, tis without possessiveness; ¦

undistinguished, tis always, a companion. |

Always, shall they be known in, complete calmness; ¦

not also, in those, tis in the face, constantly. || 9.68 ||

Kārikā Navaṣaṣṭaḥ

All, from the understanding of causality, ¦

tis for great knowledge making uppermost. |

The sambhoga of an awakened buddha nature, from knowledge ¦

reflection arising, tis also that. || 9.69 ||

Kārikā Saptatitamaḥ

In sentient beings, equanimity, tis for knowing. ¦

The mental upliftment, from virtue, tis for being unstained. |

For a non·abiding equanimity firmly entered, ¦

sameness tis the knowledge, to be sought after. || 9.70 ||

Kārikā Ekasaptataḥ

From both great benevolent goodwill and compassion also, ¦

always the companion, tis the intention. |

Which manner, for the state beyond liberation, ‸ of these sentient beings, ¦

tis the buddha a mirror of insight meditation. || 9.71 ||

Kārikā Dvāsaptataḥ

A general discernment, in knowledge, ¦

shall be in knowing, the unobstructed, always! |

Of these invocations, of these absorptions, ¦

tis for the treasure on highest, in this way, also. || 9.72 ||

Kārikā Trayaḥsaptataḥ

In the assembly circle, of every ¦

greatness, tis for insight. |

Every uncertainty cut away, ¦

tis a great dharma cloud burst. || 9.73 ||

Kārikā Catuḥsaptataḥ

Shall be made, an accomplishment, for knowledge, ¦

by these immeasurables, in all constituent elements; |

by these most astonishing for shall be unbounded ‸ incomprehensible also; ¦

tis for every true means of creating. || 9.74 ||

Kārikā Pañcasaptataḥ

Shall be made, with these results, with these distinctions, ¦

calculation, with fields of action also, everytime; |

for inconceivable, is the Buddha without measure; ¦

an unreal mental object, tis that also, always. || 9.75 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṭsaptataḥ

From bearing up, from being even minded, also, ¦

at the same time, from the dharma ̇s shining brillance, |

shall be made, from beneficial activaties also, similarly, ¦

the four types of wisdom knowledge together arising. || 9.76 ||

Kārikā Saptasaptataḥ

Tis from the lineage division ̇s, from being meaningful, ¦

from completeness; moreover, from non·commencement, |

from non·separation, is not one awakened awareness. ¦

Multiplicity, tis also, in the stainless fundamental nature. || 9.77 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭāsaptataḥ

Who is non·existence knowing, he, in this way, ¦

is the highest existence knowing. |

In every manner, the indirect perception and ¦

the direct perception, tis the highest mental understanding. || 9.78 ||

Kārikā Navasaptataḥ

Contemplation, is the supreme physical effort, ¦

for mental development unto thoughtlessness. |

Censure, tis the highest action, ¦

for abuse, not for observation. || 9.79 ||

Kārikā Aśītitamaḥ

For observation, for sombre dignity prolonged, ¦

the characteristic for valour, tis of the ātman, |

of these high minded, of these Bodhisattvas. ¦

In the distance, the awakened intellect tis perceived. || 9.80 ||

Kārikā Ekāśītaḥ

For observation, mental resonance, tis the measure. ¦

All this here, whereof t'was spoken. |

The non·vibration of these Bodhisattvas, ¦

firmly grasped, the awakened consciousness tis perceived. || 9.81 ||

Kārikā Dvyaśītaḥ

These separated fundamental natures are divided waters; and roaring rivers ¦

are little waters without an action of separateness to be made. |

Water observing — a living being's body shall be enjoying; ¦

they exist, for a lower hell realm, entered into individually. || 9.82 ||

Kārikā Tryaśītaḥ

The ocean entering, also they exist completely, ¦

one fundamental basis, one great waters also. |

Mixed together, are 'one' the actions; and tis the great enjoyment, ¦

of the water depending living beings gathering constantly. || 9.83 ||

Kārikā Caturaśītaḥ

These divided foundations, these separated consciousness, also those insightful ones, ¦

those very small lessor consciousness, differently, are those self natured deeds. |

Cutting round the true skillful means, always, they shall be enjoying; ¦

they exist, for awakened awareness, those alone entering into ones. || 9.84 ||

Kārikā Pañcāśītaḥ

These awakend awareness, also exist, in every one, ¦

these identical grounds of being, these one and the same elaborate lower consciousness. |

Mixed together, these single actions, and these extraordinary objects of sensual pleasure, ¦

always, of the great living sentient beings assembly, (art) they, most assuredly. || 9.85 ||

Kārikā Ṣaḍaśītaḥ

Thus, from the matchless pure resplendent action of a dharma practice, ¦

urged on, by the contented tranquility's causation, and of the buddha plateau, |

from the auspicious highest sukha's inexhaustable full resplendence, ¦

the beautiful contemplative intellect honours bodhicitta, for to attain. || 9.86 ||