Ārya Maitreya Praṇītā
Ārya Asaṅga Vaktā

Mahāyāna Sūtra Alaṅkāra

Citta Utpāda Adhikāra

|| Oṃ, namaḥ, sarva buddha bodhisattvebhyaḥ ||

Kārikā Prathamaḥ

Citta Utpāda Lakṣaṇe Ślokaḥ

A great enthusiasm, great commencement, ¦

great path, then, a grand upliftment, |

is the consciousness, of these Bodhisattvas. ¦

Tis a dual purpose, the cognition of a unified existence. || 4.1 ||

Kārikā Dvitīyaḥ

Citta Utpāda Prabhede Ślokaḥ

The Citta arising, beyond liberation, is that one, ¦

a purified special attitude, unexcelled. |

Ripend in these Bhūmi stages, is the understanding; ¦

that manner, the obstruction tis avoided. || 4.2 ||

Kārikā Tṛtīyaḥ

Cittotpāda Viniścaye Catvāraḥ Ślokāḥ

Karuṇā, tis a foundation agreeable, that one, ¦

always, a true reality encouraging tendency. |

The Dharma beyond liberation, is that, the knowledge ¦

search sustaining, tis that manner. || 4.3 ||

Kārikā Caturthaḥ

A higher aspiration conveying, is that one, ¦

the steadfastness, the śīla vows existing, |

a lightness of being; tis of the counter argument, ¦

the obstacle, the induring mental impression. || 4.4 ||

Kārikā Pañcamaḥ

A splendid advancement benefit, tis that one, ¦

auspicious knowledge consisting; tis, indeed, |

always, a standard of perfection, the yoga ¦

leading forth also, with being informed. || 4.5 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṣtaḥ

The Bhūmi completion, tis that one, ¦

individually, that from the consequence, |

shall increase the wisdom, of these Bodhisattva's, ¦

the Citta's increasing firm resolve. || 4.6 ||

Kārikā Saptamaḥ

Samādāna Sāṅketika Cittotpāde Ślokaḥ

From being a friend's strength, from causal motive's power, from fundamental force, from learning's might, from splendid pure diligent effort, |

the weak and the strong rising up, t'was said, tis Citta's quality of arising, from beyond the saying. || 4.7 ||

Kārikā Aṣtamaḥ

Pāramārthika Cittotpāde Sapta Ślokāḥ

In the well honored fully awakend one, ¦¦

in all living beings jñāna and puṇya collecting together, |

in these Dharmas, from the unwavering ¦¦

jñāna bringing forth, is the highest pursuit. || 4.8 ||

Kārikā Navamaḥ

In these Dharmas, and in these living sentient beings also, ¦¦

is that, in these deeds, in the very highest, and in awakend awareness. |

From being even minded of reproach, ¦¦

the joyfulness distinction, tis of that. || 4.9 ||

Kārikā Daśamaḥ

An existence most highly noble, tis out of that, ¦¦

the upward exertion, the purity of feelings and thoughts; moreover, |

tis for skillfulness, in the all around remainder, ¦¦

for transcendence, also just so, for the object dependent on consciousness. || 4.10 ||

Kārikā Ekādaśaḥ

From the Dharma propensity seed, ¦¦

tis the perfection, from the auspicious mother, begetting a birth. |

For Dhyāna, in moving, within a contented interior, ¦¦

tis Karunā, ever augmenting, the nurturing Earth. || 4.11 ||

Kārikā Dvādaśaḥ

For generosity, tis the consciousness dependent object, ¦¦

from the praṇa breathing creature abode's great·ten attainment. |

The perseverance awakend, ¦¦

tis from an ill deed's prolonged additional suffering. || 4.12 ||

Kārikā Trayodaśaḥ

From proximate near the awakened intellect cognizance, ¦¦

that, tis from the expedient·means knowledge grasping; also thereto, |

the karmic·abode of feeling and thought purification shall be known, ¦¦

for skill; in sooth, otherwise, tis to the Earth abode's manner of going. || 4.13 ||

Kārikā Caturdaśaḥ

Transcendence, for an unreal dependent mental object, ¦¦

which manner, in the foundation of pure consciousness, tis by action. |

That, the conceptual consciousness, from knowing ¦¦

by tranquil mental inaction, also tis of that, most certainly. || 4.14 ||

Kārikā Pañcadaśaḥ

Aupamya Māhātmye Ṣaṭ Ślokāḥ

The world, has an equable characteristic for a birth's arising, ¦¦

beautiful golden hued much resembling; also moreover, |

is the purity of a new moon most similar. ¦¦

Tis a drought conveyance resembling, an unexcelled rising upwards. || 4.15 ||

Kārikā Ṣoḍaśaḥ

Becoming, like unto a great treasure, ¦¦

tis the other, a jewel maker; which manner, in this way, an other one, |

ocean like, shall be known, ¦¦

diamond resembling, immovable Indra comparable. || 4.16 ||

Kārikā Saptadaśaḥ

A healing remedy most sovereign like, ¦¦

a great good heart resembling, unrivaled, shall be known. |

A gem of thought with bright clearness, ¦¦

Sun like, matchless, shall be known. || 4.17 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭādaśaḥ

The Gandharva melodious sounding, ¦¦

another, the sovereign most eminent, unexcelled, shall be known, |

a treasure chamber resembling. ¦¦

The great·way in comparison, that way, tis similarly, different. || 4.18 ||

Kārikā Navadaśaḥ

The Yāna by comparison, shall increase wisdom. ¦¦

Gandharva comparable also, tis from consciousness, the very cause of existence, |

rejoiceful sound vibration like, ¦¦

a strong flowing river current similar, also. || 4.19 ||

Kārikā Viṃśaḥ

A moister laden cloud with similarity also, t'was told, ¦¦

is cognition's quality of arising, to the Jina persona's knowing, truly, |

from that, that manner, for being rich in virtue. ¦¦

The Citta, by these empathic delights, tis fully manifested. || 4.20 ||

Kārikā Ekaviṃśaḥ

Cittānutpāda Paribhāṣāyāṃ Ślokaḥ

From having another's intent realized, therefore, from expedient means grasping, ¦

'mongst these great intention's skillful means, tis from suchness revealing, |

the great way of cognition rising up abandoned; these living beings, ¦

to equanimity, they shall go, having left behind that tranquil delight. || 4.21 ||

Kārikā Dvāviṃśaḥ

Cittotpāda Praśaṃsāyāṃ Durgati Parikheda Nirbhayatām Upādāya Ślokaḥ

Enduring, from the rising up of the cognitive space of a wise bodhisattva, ¦

tis a well protected intelligence, from unending foul action. |

By sukha, by duḥkha also, gladdend always, ¦

are the virtuous, the compassionate, and also the ever increasing duality. || 4.22 ||

Kārikā Trayoviṃśaḥ

Akaraṇa saṃvara lābhe ślokaḥ

Which time, tis a disregard, in one's own body's life duration, ¦

the highest means doth go toward highest all around exhaustion. |

By highest destructivity, that manner, the virtue, praytell, ¦

it, in foul action, in karmic destiny, shall completely turn around. || 4.23 ||

Kārikā Caturviṃśaḥ

Cittāvyāvṛttau Ślokau

For those duplicities uppermost, having observed, one is for all these virtues. ¦

For unto going forth on a Yātra, like that also, these causes, |

from kleśa, and from duḥkha also, fears not that one, ¦

in a well going's time, moreover certainly, in adversities time. || 4.24 ||

Kārikā Pañcaviṃśaḥ

One's own, are these guṇas, from real human advantage, and delight, ¦

for a fully thought out living existence of perfection assuming various shapes, also. |

For adorning, for enjoying, tis the first stage. ¦

The dalliance, the erotic repose in pleasure, the perpetual empathy, are of these composed. || 4.25 ||

Kārikā Ṣaḍviṃśaḥ

Duḥkha Trāsa Pratiṣedhe Ślokaḥ

For highest skillful means, of a persevering yoga adept, from compassion's essence, ¦

verily, the avīci hell, even, one goes, from which, of that, tis for the pleasantness. |

From whence, again, one trembles in fear, anyone whosoever, o'honourable one, ¦

by these highest grounds of being, by these sorrrows sprung up, in the continuity of becoming. || 4.26 ||

Kārikā Saptaviṃśaḥ

Sattvopekṣā Pratiṣedhe Ślokaḥ

Of the great one steadfast in compassion t'was always abiding the ātman. ¦

Of the highest, with these duḥkhas, tis from a parched consciousness. |

Of the highest, in action, in coming upon, again, ¦

with these highest, from giving out gifts, tis much modesty. || 4.27 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭāviṃśaḥ

Kauśīdya Paribhāṣāyāṃ Ślokaḥ

Within the head, tis a disagreeing, and the true burden. ¦

The lanquid manner thereof, surely not, t'would adorn, a foremost sentient being. |

The self of utmost divers binding·together coupled, ¦

to a hundred attribute's firm fortitude, tis worthy, to accomplish. || 4.28 ||