Ārya Maitreya Praṇītā
Ārya Asaṅga Vaktā

Mahāyāna Sūtra Alaṅkāra

|| Oṃ, namaḥ, sarva buddha bodhisattvebhyaḥ ||

Śaraṇa Gamana Viśeṣa Saṃgraha English

Kārikā Prathamaḥ

These jewels, ‐ he whom, verily, on account of the refuge having gone to, here, within the yāna ‐, shall be known;

it is just so, the highest, for refuge, of these ways of going, |

all pervading, with these vows obtaining superior energetic

characteristics, with a four·fold consisting of the way of an attribute. || 2.1 ||

Kārikā Dvitīyaḥ

From which in the beginning, ‸ a wretched deed, this resolute intention, ¦

tis a poor accomplishment, that one; ‸ not with one thousand, therefore, epochs, |

is the yogin of great perfection; from which, ‸ in a true advantage placing great way, ¦

from that, at first, ‸ tis the yāna, at this time, a foremost refuge way. || 2.2 ||

Kārikā Tṛtīyaḥ

For everyone, had a true existence, ‸ to cross over; he whom is confirmed, ¦

in the yāna, in knowledge, ‸ in every manner of going, is well·being enjoined. |

He whom, in nirvāṇa, ‸ in cycles of existence also, is one essence; that one, ¦

the learned, the wise one, ‸ is this, verily, omnipresent thus. || 2.3 ||

Kārikā Caturthaḥ

For a sheltering expedient means, tis this, going to the great purpose, ¦

for to essence gathering growth, goes near doth he, to the unfathomable. |

Trembles the living world, this, the compassion with calm·abiding. ¦

Makes to spread, also, to the incomparable, to the great way of dharma. || 2.4 ||