Ārya Maitreya Praṇītā
Ārya Asaṅga Vaktā

Mahāyāna Sūtra Alaṅkāra

Paripāka Adhikāra in English

|| Oṃ, namaḥ, sarva buddha bodhisattvebhyaḥ ||

Kārikā Prathamaḥ

Bodhisattva Paripāke Saṅgrahaḥ Ślokaḥ

The spiritual delight, the gracious kindness, ‸ the calm abiding, the empathy, ¦

the forebearance, then, a vigorous intellect, ‸ tis to robustness, like that also. |

Steadiness, with these aspects, ‸ tis a natural ability, to a high degree. ¦

O victor nature born, ‸ that, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.1 ||

Kārikā Dvitīyaḥ

Rūci Paripākam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

The supreme friendship, primarily threefold, tis a formidable courageousness. ¦

The other side, tis intent upon very highest upstanding dharma fully grasping. |

In the compassionate true dharma's great all around grasping, ¦

the intention, verily, in the same way, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.2 ||

Kārikā Tṛtīyaḥ

Prasāda Paripākam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

The essence of intellegence, then, directly, tis meditative absorption attainment. ¦

Fruition along with existence, from the mind, tis very much an inseparability. |

O victor nature born, in the Buddha, for complete calm abiding, ¦

the intention, similarly so enjoined, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.3 ||

Kārikā Caturthaḥ

Praśama Paripākam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Very well concealed tis the afflicting inference exclusion. ¦

The continuous going about, moreover, tis an auspicious agreeableness. |

O victor nature born, for affliction without intense emotion, therefore, ¦

the intention, similarly so enjoined, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.4 ||

Kārikā Pañcamaḥ

Kṛpā Paripāka Lakṣaṇam Adhikṛtya Ślokaḥ

Compassion, tis by fundamental nature, on highest, for suffering's revelation. ¦

Of low vile thinking, also, tis the complete rejection. |

For fundamental essence going, tis mankind, the foremost existence. ¦

Highest empathy, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.5 ||

Kārikā Ṣaṣtaḥ

Kṣānti Paripāka Lakṣaṇam Arabhya Ślokaḥ

The steadfast solidity, with an irreducible first principle, tis a conscious realization. ¦

Great pain, is an apathetic primary endurance, always. |

The quintessence approachment's pure splendidness, ¦

for intention, of calm abiding, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.6 ||

Kārikā Saptamaḥ

Medhā Paripākam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

The ripening purity, is hearing the foremost non·forgetfulness. ¦

The primary sensory consciousness, of both the well spoken and poorly spoken, tis that manner. |

From remembrance, in a strong discerning intellect arising, tis also a suitableness. ¦

A well goodly cleverness, these goings, for a ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.7 ||

Kārikā Aṣtamaḥ

Balavatva Pratilambha Paripākam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

By beautiful duality, is the double foundation blossomed to fulfillment. ¦

In fruition arising, also, is the ground of being's capability, the highest. |

The heart's joy perfected, tis a living beings foremost reality. ¦

In the bala upon taking up, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.8 ||

Kārikā Navamaḥ

Ahāryatā Paripākam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Plenty good righteousness, is the union of critical reflection, the lasting impression. ¦

The remaing essence apprehending, tis for counter argument refutation. |

Again, always, tis with māra unbounded without restraint. ¦

An unchangeableness, which, is a ripening to perfection characterictic. || 8.9 ||

Kārikā Daśamaḥ

Prāhāṇika Aṅga Samanvāgama Paripākam Adhikṛtya Ślokaḥ

An auspicious disassemblage, moreover, tis the ground of being aspiration's qualification. ¦

The judgement, tis an exalted auspicious pleasantness. |

Oh victor nature born, verily, in the division of a complete natural association, once more, ¦

the intention, indeed, in the same way, tis the ripening to perfection characteristic. || 8.10 ||

Kārikā Ekādaśaḥ

Nava Vidha Ātma Paripāka Māha Ātmyam Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Like that, is the nine·virtue·essence ripening persona, ¦

for highest maturing capability, endowed with |

a charming grace consisting of, constantly, separating the egoic self nature. ¦

Doth exist, always, from the people, the foremost group's person of wisdom. || 8.11 ||

Kārikā Dvādaśaḥ

Sattva paripāka vibhāge ekādaśa ślokāḥ

In a boil, likewise, in a banquet, ripening to perfection is sought after. ¦

Which manner, exactly that, is a 'flowing' the object of pleasure's qualification. |

That manner, in fundament, in this!, is a double proposition's calmness. ¦

That manner, is sensuousness a thoroughly extinguished argument. || 8.12 ||

Kārikā Trayodaśaḥ

Dvitīya Ślokaḥ

Complete full maturation, tis said, is an all around general maturation; that manner, ¦

prematuration, also, besides, postmaturation, tis highest. |

A very good maturation, and moreover, beyond maturation, tis the consciousness. ¦

The inner maturation, the external maturation knowledge, tis also, in these embodied ones. || 8.13 ||

Kārikā Caturdaśaḥ

Tṛtīya Caturthau Ślokau

The inspiration obtaining, by which, in this world, which manner, the victorious ātman born, ¦

the standing out one, is for every living being thoroughly brought to maturation. |

That manner, are neither mother, nor father, nor families, ¦

in children, in friends also, well going exemplary ones. || 8.14 ||

Kārikā Pañcadaśaḥ

That manner, is the living being, not, in essential egoic nature, a tender loving understanding; ¦

from whom, also, tis in the very affectionate highest ground of being, in a living being. |

Which manner, empathy tis the essence, the highest living sentient being's most tender sentiment; ¦

in inspiration, in delight, also, just so from enjoining, (is) the understanding. || 8.15 ||

Kārikā Ṣoḍaśaḥ

Yādṛśena Dānena Yathā Sattvān Paripācayati Tad Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Naught of a bodhisattva, is of the decaying physical body and sensual pleasure. ¦

The highest spiritual teacher's offering, again, exists, every which manner. |

By promoting towards virtue, two fold, tis brought to maturation; ¦

for the highest, by middling generosity attributes, tis not satisfied. || 8.16 ||

Kārikā Saptadaśaḥ

Yādṛśena Śīlena Yathā Satvān Paripācayati Tad Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Always, by original nature, tis an exceptional non·violence, unto one's self, ¦

pleasing, vigilant, herein, the highest, being caused to dwell upon. |

Afterwards, the greatest kindness making, tis two fold, in the highest. ¦

By the cooking outcome's quality, is the cook. || 8.17 ||

Kārikā Aṣṭādaśaḥ

Yādṛśyā Kṣāntyā Yathā Sattvān Paripācayati Tad Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

On highest, in offending, the kindly possessor of wisdom, ¦

caused to be thoroughly tolerant, unto a savage wrathful one, thereto, stepping away, |

by expedient means observing, by enmities enduring, ¦

in grace, is caused to assume, these sufferings. || 8.18 ||

Kārikā Navadaśaḥ

Yādṛśena Vīryeṇa Yathā Sattvān Paripācayati Tad Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Again, were one, to aspire after the highest, tis taking refuge, ¦

not being oppressed, by these vibrations thousand divisions. |

The victor nature born, for the sentient being's multitudes, brought forth to maturation, ¦

is of supremely one thought, of virtue, from action. || 8.19 ||

Kārikā Viṃśaḥ

Yādṛśena Dhyānena Yathā Sattvān Paripācayati Tad Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

Willpower, having arrived at, in the mind, tis firmly fixed. ¦

Afterwards, one is brought fully to acquire it, here, in the teaching. |

Having struck upon, tis completely for the disdain of longing after desire. ¦

By virtue, it is brought to completely thrive, also, for him, again. || 8.20 ||

Kārikā Ekaviṃśaḥ

Yādṛśyā Prajñayā Yathā Sattvān Paripācayati Tad Ārabhya Ślokaḥ

He, in suchness and existence skillful means guiding, well determined ¦

doth make, these sentient beings, these well disciplined ones full of doubts. |

From that also, they, that are from the victor teaching of high regard; ¦

they are encouraged to ever increasingly grow, to highest self merit, by these qualities, by these virtues. || 8.21 ||

Kārikā Dvāviṃśaḥ

Niyamana Ślokaḥ

Thus so, in a well going condition's expedient means, in the auspicious triad, or, ¦

for the world manifest as everything, with compassion, he is a bodhisattva. |

With a body's highest mediocrity manner, ¦

he guides, by a world like existence going. || 8.22 ||